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Old World Antique Silver Raven Inner Scene Lodalite Quartz Pendant

This is a Beautiful Custom, Handmade Antiqued Silver Detailed Raven Skull Natural Clear Inner Scene Crystal Point Pendant.
Measures approx: 54 mm x 17 mm and weighs 15.9 grams
~Inner Scene Crystal is also know as Lodalite Crystal. These enchanted crystals contain lodalite formed many millions of years ago in only one location, the Minas Gerais area of Brazil.
These very powerful journeying crystals are used by shamans to induce visionary experiences and healings.
Meditation with a dream crystal is said to bring transformation on many levels. The soft patterns within each crystal remind one of an underwater scene in another world.
No two are alike.

~One Only~  When you see an item you like, snag it up!
~Comes with a lovely fabric pouch to keep it in.
*I personally handmake each of these unique quality crystal and gemstone pieces.



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