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Old World Antique Copper Natural Rainbow Half Ammonite Gem Pendulum

This is a "One of a Kind", Handmade piec from Crystal Chrysalis Old World Styled Antique Copper Natural Rainbow Ammonite Pendulum accented with 2 Dragon Vein Agate Gems and matching fae foliage.


*Named for Ammon, the Egyptian god of Procreation and Life, these ancient marine mollusks (cephalopods) were similar to the modern squid, octopus and nautiloids.

Ammonites have been collected and prized for their geometrical beauty for many thousands of years.


Measures approx: 116 mm x 31 mm and weighs 17.3 grams.


~Comes with a lovely fabric pouch to keep it in.


*I personally hand make each of these unique quality crystal and gemstone pieces.


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