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Natural Fuchsia Aura Lemurian Quartz Crystal Point

This is a Beautiful Natural Fuchsia Aura Lemurian Quartz Crystal "Key" Point.
*Key crystals are recognized by an indentation on the side or face of a crystal, usually six sided. They are used to gain access to information from which you are normally excluded. Healing concepts and illusive aspects of ourselves can be unlocked.
"Used to unlock the "doors" to healing concepts and those aspects of the self which tend to be illusive. It also assists one in accessing that which is hidden in any situation. One can place the crystal on letters, photographs, etc., in order to gain admittance to concealed or obscure messages which are inherent."
Very useful for healers and intuitive diagnostics.
Measures approx: 60 mm x 11 mm and weighs 9.3 grams.
~If you wish this lovely crystal point to be made into a piece, please contact me

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