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Estate .925 Sterling Silver Natural Large Faceted Sapphire Gemstone Ring

This is a Beautiful Estate .925 Sterling Silver (stamped band) Natural Polished Large Faceted Sapphire Gemstone Ring.
~Sapphire is a Stone of Wisdom, a royal stone of learning, mental acuity and psychic activation, a seeker after spiritual truth. It helps bring order and healing to the mind, lending strength and focus, and an ability to see beneath surface appearances to underlying truths and to utilize that knowledge. It stimulates the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, allowing one to access deeper levels of consciousness in order to gain a fuller understanding of self.
Sapphire alone measures approx: 20 mm x 14 mm in size
Ring is size 6
*Band is not uniform circle from wear. Ring can use a polish to bring back to original bright silver shine.
~Comes with a lovely fabric pouch to keep it in.

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