Dark Wood Tarot Cards Deck For Witch Fate Divination

Dark Wood Tarot Cards Deck For Witch Fate Divination Family Entertainment
78 Set Oracle Cards

Product name: Dark Wood Tarot Cards Deck
Material: Coated paper
Tarot Cards Size: 10.2 *5.9 cm
Box Size :10.5 *6.2 cm
Number of Tarot Cards: 78 sheet
Language: English

 Entering the wood is easy. Leaving is a different matter. How will you emerge?
Dare to enter the dark wood and discover your shadow self with this enthralling Rider-Waite-Smith -style deck. 
As you take on the role of a witch traversing the wood, each magnificent card becomes a vision of deep wisdom that guides you to a richer understanding of yourself.
Examine secret desires and shadowy dreams. Explore the unknown recesses of your psyche.
This captivating deck and full-color companion book lead you through the darkness and into the light that reflects your hidden talents and personal power.

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