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A+ Natural Polished Drilled Dream Amethyst Quartz Crystal

This is a Beautiful One of a Kind, A+ Natural Polished Drilled Dream Amethyst Quartz Crystal.

Size approx.: 54 mm x 27 mm and weighs 25.6 grams.
*This listing is for the actual piece pictured.
~Natural dream amethyst is banded amethyst, or chevron amethyst – a combination of amethyst, quartz, and smoky quartz.
The multi-colored banding within this stone reveals a layered trinity of gemstones in gorgeous swirling grays, whites, and purples.
These pieces bring you the peaceful properties of amethyst, the magnifying properties of quartz, and the protective and purifying properties of smoky quartz.~
One of a kind items. If you see you like, snag it up!

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